Sourdough Like A Pro: eBook

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Wanna bake nutritious, beautiful, artisan Sourdough bread at home?

Sourdough bread is the tastiest bread you'll ever experience, and baking it is one of the most rewarding experiences there is for a baker - beginner or pro. 

Who is this ebook for? 

  • Are you new to sourdough baking?
  • Given it a try but not got the results you hoped for/
  • Quickly realised forums full of other new sourdough bakers can’t answer your questions?

I’ve been where you’ve been, wishing I had someone who could guide me through the processes that make up sourdough baking and help me bake a great loaf.

Let me show you how you can make wonderful bread that tastes amazing and is healthy and nutritious.

  • I was lucky to learn sourdough baking from a master baker, my dad. I'd spend hours watching him giving the dough a thorough workout to get the perfect rise.
  • I’ve baked thousands of loaves, testing and recording the results using different ingredients, hydration levels, and fermentation times.
  • Spoken to master bakers around the globe in the quest for the perfect loaf
  • Relentlessly tried and failed until I was baking beautiful loves time after time

This nearly 200 page ebook takes you, step-by-step, from making your starter to baking a perfect loaf. 

It includes bread formulas, bakers glossary, in-depth sections on equipment and ingredients and a tips and tricks and troubleshooting section.

Download the ebook, relax with a cup of tea and learn how to make one of the tastiest breads in the world.

When you download this eBook, you will immediately get access to the file via an email. 

PLEASE make sure you double check the spelling of your email address or you will NOT receive the access email.

You can start reading straight away or sit back and take it easy. You have access for life and whenever you like. Each chapter covers an aspect of sourdough baking in detail with plenty of information and engaging visual content.

Send me a photo of your first loaf, I can’t wait to see it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
I’m feeling Turbocharged with excitement

I’m very excited by all the techniques and recipes included in this amazing bundle. I am determined to master sourdough and already have my first starter on the go. I have had my thermie for a couple of years, but this package proves “you can teach an old dog new tricks”. No time to waste need to get back to the recipes and tips.

Looooove the Real Bread e-Book

Thank you, Sophia, for sharing your recipes and tips on how to make amazing, delicious bread. So far, I‘ve tried out the Mischbrot, and the Roggenbrot is about to go in the oven. Both were very easy to make especially with the help of a TM. It is not time consuming at all compared to other recipes I have tried out in the last few weeks. No multiple scheduled feeding of starters which is hard to follow when you’re working full-time and yet the result is just as good, if not better. The Mischbrot tasted amazing - in fact it was so good that my 10 year old neighbor asked me whether I can bake him one, too! I‘m sure the Roggenbrot will turn out just as good. I‘m from Germany and have been missing good German bread since I moved to NZ and then Australia 15 years ago.
I can highly recommend Sophia‘s Real Bread e-Book. Nice photos, easy to follow, delicious recipes and Sophia added personal stories which makes one connect to her and her recipes. Thanks again Sophia and good luck with making your dream come true!

Best bread baking book

I really enjoyed doing Sophias 7 day 7 bread challenge. I loved her easy instructions, great encouragement and support and awesome tasting bread created.

This book has so many lovely recipes and I am enjoying working my way through them. Instructions are clear, recipes great and it even gives me the confidence to change the recipes a suit me, added figs to the walnut bread today... Yum.

I throughly recommend this book Real Bread for anyone beginning sourdough baking. It has given me confidence and hasn’t filled my fridge with sourdough discard as I had feared. I just don’t understand how she stays slim with all this yummy bread!

Thanks Sophia 10 out of 10 from me.
Regards Carolyn Harris

Sad tale so far!

I down loaded my book and printer ran out of toner! So then husband ordered that and I waited only two days for it to arrive but I was anxious. Then bloomin’ Printer ran out of paper when I was up to page 99. So I’m a bit of a sad tale because I’m so keen to master sourdough and I have been given a starter that I want to get up and running. My next hurdle is locating the light rye flour so I’m off today to shop. I think to try making my own starter but also to reactivate the given starter. Since my purchase the online course has become available and I’m thinking that is what I should have done but I will persevere and send you a much more positive review once things start moving. I love all the Sophia’s kitchen recipes and videos and I’m dying to produce my own bread. Moira

New Breadmaker

Hi Sophia, thanks for your book. I am very new to bread making. I love the clear instructions and tips. I’m sticking to one recipe for now but am excited to branch out when I’m more confident. A great activity for lockdown here in Melbourne. Silver lining while I am providing online lessons from home while my school is closed.

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