Real Bread Book - Recipes for Thermomix

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Real Bread is a modern approach to traditional sourdough baking, either with Thermomix® or by hand. Sophia demystifies sourdough and makes baking real bread achievable. With easy-to-follow techniques and stunning recipes from all over the world you can quickly see how addictive real, homemade bread is. A must-have book for anyone who is craving sourdough breads packed with flavour – and needs to fit making it into a busy lifestyle! 

Please note, every purchase of the hard copy comes with a FREE ebook version.

‘Flour, salt, water and a little bit of time – that is all it takes to make the perfect loaf of sourdough bread. That’s the philosophy of this book and this simplicity is exactly what we need in modern day baking at home’ says Sophia who has been baking bread at home with her dad since she was five years old. 

In this handy book you can find all the simplified instructions to the perfect sourdough bread at home without all the technical nonsense and complicated formulas. Sophia has made it her mission to bring back sourdough baking into everyone’s home and her step-by-step picture guides make it achievable again.

The Highlights:

  • Almost 200 pages packed with recipes and knowledge
  • easy to follow and simple step-by-step picture guides
  • all recipes can be made with just one sourdough starter
  • Amazing breads from all over the world
  • big introductory chapter with all the basic techniques explained
  • Suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about sourdough baking


25 x 19 x 1.4 cm

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Real Bread Book - Recipes for Thermomix

At last...

At last a very comprehensive book about bread baking using sourdough and thermomix.For me personally very usefull...

Great book

I have only made one loaf from this book so far, although I've made it twice and love it, so will definitely be trying out more.The instructions are clear and its great to use alternative flours.

For the love of bread

I love to bake, especially bread, this book is definately a winner, can’t wait to get my bake on.

Real bread book

Wonderful book! Just what I needed after a few years of researching and trying out sourdough baking myself. I wish the prints were larger and that the recipes could be automated with the chip/cookidoo. Also, the colour of the fonts were too light and can be difficult to read. Maybe younger people don't have this difficulty.

We're so glad you love your book and we really appreciate your feedback for the next print run!

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