Practice Mix Perfect Book - Recipes for Thermomix

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Practice Mix Perfect is the ideal recipe book for Thermomix for anyone who is on the search for ultimate kitchen efficiency with Thermomix.

Please note, every purchase of the hard copy comes with a FREE ebook version.

From practical tips to over 70 absolutely irresistible recipes, this recipe book for Thermomix is a perfect foodie companion. Learn how to make your own cheese and plan your weekly meals efficiently with incredible breads, dinners and naughty desserts. So get practising and mix perfect.

Even better, every book comes with a downloadable and handy Thermomix essentials guide to chopping, baking, cooking etc.

The Highlights:

  • over 70 recipes
  • simple and easy to follow recipes
  • 7-day Thermomix challenge
  • weekly meal planning tips
  • freezer guide

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