Bread Beginners Set

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I think we can all agree that there’s nothing better than the smell of fresh bread at home, right? This bread beginners set is the best set of proving baskets you can get to be prepared for a fun time of bread baking. It contains two proving baskets, one round, one oval and is all you need to create beautiful, artisan bread at home!

Bread beginners set includes:

  • Bread proving basket round - 20cm diameter, 8cm height
  • Bread proving basket oval - 30x14x7cm 

What is a bread proving basket? 

Bread proving baskets do exactly as they say on the tin: they prove bread. But not just in any way – they help keep the shape, keep the moisture in control and provide the dough with the stability it needs to go into the oven and rise well.

Bread proving baskets can come in either round or oval shapes, and in all different sizes. They are usually labelled in grams, which indicates how much dough they can hold for proving. I would always recommend getting a standard size of 750g which is what these are as they are most common and you will get the best use out of them (unless you plan on making much bigger loaves). In France they are known as ‘banneton’ and in Germany they are ’Gärkörbchen’ or ’Brotform’. 

How are they used & cleaned? 

To prove your bread in them, place the shaped dough with the seam side up into the floured basket and cover with a shower cap or tea towel. Once you are ready to bake, tip the dough out of the proving basket onto a tray and bake. At no point do you actually place the cane basket in the oven. It is simply for proving. If you have a sticky dough, you can also place a liner in the basket and dust it with flour or use a tea towel to line it. I do this for darker breads that are stickier, such as rye bread.

To clean the basket after use, simply leave it to dry and then dust with a brush until all flour is brushed away. The key is to leave them dry and not moist and full of damp flour. Place them near a radiator to dry out. I personally don’t wash them either – I simply brush them out once the flour is dry.

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