1 Day Advanced Sourdough Masterclass - 2nd Nov 2019

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Sophia has finally done it! Her first series of advanced sourdough masterclasses is starting with a full day of fun! You will be perfecting your skills as a sourdough bread baker and learn everything you need to take your sourdough baking to the next level.

If you have taken Sophia's beginners sourdough baking course before, or are familiar with the basic techniques of sourdough baking, then this is exactly the right class for you. Over the course of a whole day you will be learning how to optimise your sourdough starter, how to perfect your dough handling skills, fermentation and incorporate sprouted grains, seeds or porridge oats in your bread making process. 

This will be a fully hands-on class and you will be making a lot of dough all day so no more workout required for the rest of the weekend. The class is set in Sophia's Scandinavian styled home with a large vintage wooden table in the centre.

This is an intimate class with only seven spaces to ensure Sophia has enough time to get to know you and inspire you to her best abilities. Sophia is a fan of simplicity and will help you gain lots of confidence in your skills of sourdough baking at home.

She will talk about the types of flour you can use and how you can adapt recipes to suit your individual needs. She will also be serving up lunch and snacks throughout the day so that you are never left to feel hungry.

Recipes will include:

  • sourdough baguette
  • sprouted grain or seeded high hydration loaf
  • sourdough cake

After the class you get to take home all your freshly baked goodies, a whole sourdough starter in a glass jar, a dough scraper and a booklet with all the guidance you need for the perfect sourdough experience. During the class you also have time to shop for Sophia's sourdough equipment.

Sophia lives in Crouch End, London, a short bus ride from Finsbury Park station which is on the Victoria line & Piccadilly line. The exact location details and other useful information will be emailed out before the class.

Customer Reviews

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An Amazing day learning all things sourdough!

I received this course as a present from my husband. He knew I really wanted to learn how to make sourdough (after a few disgraceful attempts) and that I had selected Sophia's class as the one to start this journey (I am a huge fan!). I suffer from anxiety and new situations make me always uncomfortable...that dissolved as soon as I entered the house's door and was greeted with the sincerest, most welcoming smiles by Sophia and Jesse. The class was long and intense, with hands on time and pauses to learn the theory and anything else we wanted to ask. The class was small, so there was plenty of 1:1 time for all of us. Everything was incredibly organized, but in a way that time flew by effortlessly. By the end, I could hardly believe it was time to leave. I wanted more! I came from this class empowered, knowledgeable and happy regarding all things sourdough, as well as eager to learn more (maybe adding some other sourdough classes for different breads, Guys?). And Sophia and Jesse had gigantic surprise goody bags, so that we could start baking at home straight away! Sophia and Jesse, I am incredibly grateful for this experience and for your genuine generosity with everyone. I couldn't imagine a better way to start my sourdough journey! =) x x x


Looking forward to spending a day learning how to bake sourdough! I throughly enjoy your last class at Wimbledon very professionally run.

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