about us

Thanks for stopping by! Here at Sophia's Kitchen, our philosophy is to keep things simple and inspiring. Since 2017 our mission has been to create the most wonderful accessories that make you want to be in your kitchen all the time. We love making gadgets that you will love and inspire you to get cooking and baking! We believe that everyone has the ability to create amazing food, and we’re here not only to teach you how, but to create products to help you along the way.

what we do

The Sophia's Kitchen team work to create, design and inspire. Together we make delicious food, design exciting, innovative products, and, most importantly, connect with you! We spend each day working around the clock to bring fun, excitement, and deliciousness into your kitchens - and we love every minute of it! Make sure to stop by at Sophia's blog where you can find some really delicious inspiration.

the blog

The Sophia's Kitchen blog  (formerly thermomixbakingblogger.com) got kicked off in August 2015 as a place for Sophia to share her love for baking, and as a platform for people to learn from and be inspired by. And what an amazing journey it’s been! This simple blog quickly took off and skyrocketed Sophia down an incredible path of recipe development, product design and international tours. We’re so excited to see what’s yet to come!

bio fun



Originally from Germany and the founder of Sophia's Kitchen. She has been baking for as long as she could hold a mixing spoon. Her father became a professional baker at the age of seventeen, and taught Sophia everything she needed to become a baking extraordinaire. She’s in charge of the good looks of the products and delicious recipes on the blog.



Working his magic behind computer screens, Jesse is in charge of keeping all of our systems and social media neat and tidy. He’s the chief tech hero and always finds new ways to create inspiring content. He's also getting quite good at sourdough baking which means when he’s not fixing Sophia’s mess, you can find him raiding the cheese cupboard to find something to put on his freshly baked bread.



Named after the famous Elf from Lord of the rings, Arwen is a person of mystic power when it comes to her Thermi. Her knowledge and passion for food from all around the world is endless and she is a key part of our recipe development team. She is also a social media and photography wiz, captivating the audience through her food experiences and the power of her words!



Kelly is an ultra-human and inspires us all. She wakes up at 4:30am, runs vast distances, cooks healthy food for her family every day and bakes sourdough bread like a master baker! Despite all of this, she somehow keeps her composure and stays humble whilst she answers hundreds of your queries on our support channels. If you've got a question, whatever the subject, she will always be happy to help!

Tobi & Cookie


Arguably the most important duo in the Sophia's Kitchen family, Tobi and Cookie ensure that no food goes untested. They adore Sophia’s Thermomix and are never too far away from the meringue which particularly appeals to their distinguished palettes. They’re the official office mascots and in charge of getting lots of cuddles.

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