Gluten Free Cakes & Bakes eBook - Recipes for Thermomix

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Gluten Free Cakes & Bakes ebook for Thermomix is a mouthwatering collection of stunning recipes for a gluten free baking life. From showstopping sponge cakes to delicious crackers with pesto, Sophia has thought of every occasion to get out your Thermomix and cake tins ready for some baking fun. With nearly 30 recipes and almost half of them vegan, there is a choice for everyone. Dive into the world of fluffy cakes and stunning vegan buttercream made in seconds. Baking couldn’t be easier.

Gluten Free Cakes & Bakes ebook for Thermomix is the perfect companion for anyone who is trying to dive into the world of gluten free baking and needs some easy recipes that produce beautiful results with hardly any effort. It teaches you some great techniques which you can master in no time.

The Highlights:

  • nearly 30 recipes
  • easy to follow and simple
  • all recipes are refined sugar free and gluten free
  • all diets covered (half of the recipes are also vegan)
  • lots of healthy alternatives
  • tips and tricks for the perfect gluten free bakes
  • suitable for non gluten intolerant people as well, simple conversion tricks 

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