Bread Baking Tools

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Flexible Dough Scraper Dough Scraper Thermishop
Flexible Dough Scraper
£2.25 GBP £3.00 GBP
Bread Beginners Set bundle Thermishop
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Bread Beginners Set
£30.00 GBP £40.00 GBP
Sourdough Bread Bundle bundle Thermishop
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Sourdough Bread Bundle
£45.00 GBP £60.00 GBP
Bread Storing Bag Storing Bag Thermishop
Bread Storing Bag
£3.75 GBP £5.00 GBP

Since she was five, Sophia has been baking bread. In all that time, she’s become well-acquainted with all the bread baking tools that go along with it, and now she’s bringing them to you! These bread making accessories will ensure your loaf of bread is beautiful and crusty, every time. From banneton. Proving baskets to the perfect bread loaf tin, you will find everything you need here. 

Adjustable Bread Loaf Tin Loaf Tin Thermishop
Adjustable Bread Loaf Tin
£15.00 GBP £20.00 GBP
Cane Banneton Bread Proving Basket Round 750g bread basket Thermishop
Cane Banneton Bread Proving Basket Oval 750g bread basket Thermishop
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Ultimate Bread Proving Basket Brush brush Thermishop
Ultimate Bread Proving Basket Brush
£7.50 GBP £10.00 GBP
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