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It is time to to get your Varoma out of your cupboard, give it a good dusting and get ready for the wonderful world of steamed foods. The Varoma gives you endless possibilities to explore foods you may never think could even be steamed.

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Course Overview:

- 20 Video Lessons
Learn how to unleash your inner steaming powers with 20 inspiring video lessons, tips & tricks and wonderful recipes all taught by Sophia.

- 100+ page Course Cookbook 
Supplement your learning with your 100+ page course cookbook including more tips & tricks, delicious recipes and equipment lists.

- TM31, TM5 & TM6
Whichever model of the Thermomix you have, you can take this course. Sophia designed it to be suitable for TM31, TM5 and TM6 users.

During this course you will learn just how amazing the world of Varoma steaming is. I will be covering different elements of food in different sections to give you the full overview of all the possibilities you have. It is an all-encompassing Varoma masterclass where I will take you on a steaming journey through different food and invite you straight into my kitchen to explore some incredible dishes and desserts. The course is designed to be done by anyone who needs inspiration for their Varoma, wants to learn something new or just lost their Varoma mojo. I will be covering basics but also some fantastic skills in the kitchen that will really take your cooking to the next level!

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Customer Reviews

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A great course, even for a Thermomix professional

I am a Swiss Thermomix representative and my customers always mention that they do not use their Varoma. I personally love it, but attention this fantastic Masterclass, my appreciation for this fantastic tool has even increased. Sophia is pointing out many important points and tricks, that will give you the skills to use this tool to perfection. I really can recommend this course also to very skilled Thermomix users.


Varoma Masterclass for Thermomix - Online Course

Varoma Masterclass

Thanks Sophia, it was a great class and I learned some interesting ideas. Time has not been my best friend so have lots more recipe designing and testing to yet. The varoma is a fantastic tool to have in the kitchen, making cooking meals


I am scared to use my varoma but this course has given me some confidence to give it a go

Excellent! Loaded with great information!

Absolutely love this course! As always with Sophia, the detail-to-information she gives is impressive! Can see that there is a great amount of heart and effort put into it, definitely worth every single cent!

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