Bread masterclass for Thermomix - Online Course

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It is time to to get your baking hat on. The Thermomix gives you endless possibilities to explore baking bread for the very first time! 

Important: When you purchase the course via this online store, you will be automatically registered to the online course platform and will receive an email giving you instructions for how to start. Make sure to check your spam folder. This email sometimes takes up to 24hrs to arrive. 

Course Overview:

-20+ Video Lessons
Learn how to unleash your inner bread powers with 20 inspiring video lessons, tips & tricks and wonderful recipes all taught by Sophia.

- 100+ page Course Cookbook 
Supplement your learning with your 100+ page course cookbook including more tips & tricks, delicious recipes and equipment lists.

- TM31, TM5 & TM6
Whichever model of the Thermomix you have, you can take this course. Sophia designed it to be suitable for TM31, TM5 and TM6 users.

Instructional Lessons include: 

- Bread making equipment

- Essential Bread making ingredients

- The complete bread making process

- Bread shaping skills 

- Scoring 

- Baking Bread

In this course you will learn how to make your own bread using the Thermomix and I will be there at every stage to coach you and get you the results you want. Your house is going to smell like you have just entered a bakery and you probably won’t ever go back to supermarket bought bread. Forget about it all, your own bread will be far superior to anything you have tasted.

Step-By-Step Recipes include: 

- Irish Soda bread

- Rye & Oat Bread

- Classic Artisan Bread

- Challah

- Brioche Bread

- Focaccia

- Ciabatta

- Wholemeal Sandwich Loaf 

Making bread only requires a few steps and I am here to teach you all of them. During this course you can expect to learn about the essential bread making ingredients, bread equipment, kneading, proving, shaping of all sorts, baking and sorting your bread. I will be showing you the basic skills and introduce you to the bread making process and then apply all of that knowledge to some wonderful recipes so you can practice straight away. 

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