Top 5 Ideas for your Thermi Servebowls

Top 5 Ideas for your Thermi Servebowls

We’ve all been there: you go to a lot of effort to create an amazing meal, and the end result looks amazing, yet something goes pear-shaped. Maybe your partner gets stuck in traffic and is late home. Maybe an important phone call comes through right before plating up. Whatever it is, you finally get to sit down and enjoy your beautiful food… and it’s cold.

This situation happened to me often, and boy was it disappointing. That’s why I decided to create a product that would not only keep my beautiful meals nice and hot, but that I could also put dough, yoghurt or even sorbets in with the peace of mind that they were going to stay a nice, consistent temperature. And so the Thermi Servebowls were born! I’ve put together a list of top 5 ideas for your Thermi Servebowls, to make sure you really use their full potential!

Use insulation to your advantage

I spoke briefly above about how great the insulation is in these Servebowls, and that really is their best feature. If you’ve made a beautiful veggie bolognese, for example, you can pop your cooked bolognese into a Servebowl while you prepare pasta and a salad, and it will still be piping hot when it comes time to serve it up. On the other end of the spectrum, keep your lovely frozen sorbet from turning to liquid, while still keeping it close at hand on the table for sneaky seconds.

I think the Servebowls really shine, however, when you use them as part of the food preparation process. For example, because the bowls provide beautiful insulation, they are the perfect place to prove dough. They also shine when it comes to making yoghurt - pre-heat the bowls with some boiling water from the kettle, then empty and pour in your yoghurt mixture. The insulation will ensure the yoghurt stays the perfect temperature for the fermentation to occur, then in 8-10 hours you’ll have amazing creamy yoghurt.

Veggie bolognese | Thermishop

Boost your temperature control

One thing that is really special about these bowls is their truly unique temperature range. Because of the quality of the stainless steel used, they are oven safe to 220°C, and freezer proof. This is where my super special trick comes in: to really push your bowls for ultimate performance, pre-heat or pre-cool your bowls in the oven or the freezer before placing your food in them. This will really ensure that the bowls, and the insulated air within them, stays the perfect temperature for your food and will allow it to stay a consistent temperature for even longer.

I use this trick when making my Thai pumpkin soup which, when stored in a pre-heated Thermi Servebowl, stays hot for hours!

Thai pumpkin soup

Enjoy the versatility

Thermi Servebowls come in three fantastic sizes, meaning the storage possibilities are endless. The 1.25L bowl is great for keeping sauces warm or cold, storing smaller entrees at the table, or for a single serving of food if someone is going to be late home for dinner. The 2.5L Servebowl is great for family meals, allowing you to store and serve meals easily. Finally, the 4.2L capacity bowl is ideal for dinner parties or big family dinners, allowing you to pre-prepare food without the worry of it getting cold, leaving you more time to focus on entertaining.

You can get all three sizes in a bundle, which not only gives you all the possibilities of each size, but it also saves you money. Win-win!

Naan bread dough | Thermishop

Transport with ease

A really special feature of these bowls is the high quality silicone lid. After all, what good is making amazing food to take to a dinner party, only to turn a sharp corner and have it spill all through your car? I’ve made sure these bowls are perfect for transporting by making the lids totally airtight to keep your yummy dishes safe. To use the lids, simply turn the lid flaps inside out, place the lids on the bowls, then fold down the flaps over the side of the bowls for a perfectly snug fit. Then you can rest easy knowing that the food you’re transporting will arrive at its destination just as lovely as when you left.

The lids can also be used on other bowls you have at home to reduce your need for cling wrap or tin foil. They’re also totally microwave safe, and are great when reheating food.

Naan bread | Thermishop

Cleaning up

One of the best things about these Thermi Servebowls is how easy they are to clean. Because of the beautiful stainless steel, you’ll find that not much food sticks to them and a lot of the time, you’ll be able to wash them by simply rinsing them with soap and hot water. For slightly more stubborn, dried-on food, both the bowls and the lids are totally dishwasher safe, so you spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things you want to do!

Homemade yoghurt | Thermishop


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