The ONE Gadget you Need to Look After your Thermomix Scales

The ONE Gadget you Need to Look After your Thermomix Scales

As a Thermomix owner, I have no doubt that you are well-versed in the age-old rule of never dragging your Thermomix. It’s for very good reason - the feet of your Thermomix are actually the delicate scales of your machine, and dragging your Thermomix can easily cause damage which can lead to all sorts of problems. These can include inconsistent weighing and jumpy scales, which will inevitably lead to ruined recipes.

The scales of your Thermomix are an amazingly intricate piece of engineering, so it’s important that when moving your machine, you lift it, rather than dragging. But what if you’ve got something cooking? You can’t lift and move your machine with hot liquid in the bowl. What if you don’t have the strength to lift your Thermomix, or you suffer from a medical condition which prevents you from lifting heavy items? This is the predicament my mum found herself in.

My mum and I are both Thermomix nuts. A few years ago, however, during a Skype call my mum expressed her frustration at having very little bench space during a kitchen renovation. In order to make dinner each night, she was having to pick up and move her Thermomix across her bench to wherever there was room, which really proved a problem as my mum suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. It’s difficult for her to lift even the lightest items, let alone a 7kg machine, so we put our heads together and the Thermi Ergoslide was born!

Okay, it wasn’t quite that simple and our final product is the result of literal years of careful design work, but the Thermi Ergoslide is a really beautiful product, and so I thought I’d go through and highlight all of the fabulous features! It slides, it protects, it simplifies your life.

Thermi Ergoslide | Thermishop

Ultimate Scale Protection

I can already hear you saying - why not just use a chopping board!? Well, I won’t lie - that was my initial thought too. Until we put that idea into practice, that is. First of all, we realised that a large wooden board on my mum’s immaculate new countertops had the potential to leave scratches and scuffs, and wouldn’t slide smoothly.

This is where the major issue comes in. When whatever you’ve placed your machine on won’t slide smoothly, we’re back to square one: your scales can become damaged. Just because you’re not dragging the feet themselves, the friction and vibrations through the chopping board can do just as much damage, and it’s simply not worth it. Not to mention if it doesn’t grip the countertop properly and you try to knead dough, your Thermomix will dance off the kitchen bench and right on to your kitchen floor. Ouch.

On the Thermi Ergoslide, we needed grip, stability, and also the ability to glide effortlessly across countertops. So we designed the two back feet made from Teflon, which is where the glide happens. You know what it’s like frying an egg for the first time in a new Teflon pan? That’s what’s happening on your kitchen counter. The material the feet are made with won’t pick up debris or scratch your countertops.

The front two feet are made from rubber, which not only grip your countertop to keep your machine where you want it, but they also act as shock absorbers, dulling the most aggressive movements from your Thermomix.

Thermi Ergoslide | Thermishop

Ergonomic design

Another issue with using chopping boards is that they’re simply not ergonomic. My mum had nowhere to grip the board, and so her fingers would just slip off. Not much point putting it on a chopping board if you still can’t move it around, right? Because of this we designed the Thermi Ergoslide to have ergonomic grips that are placed in the exact right spots on the slider to make it easy to handle and manoeuvre.

Because of the Ergoslide’s four feet, the body of the slider is raised, which also allows for easy movements. You can reach your fingers around and grip on to it securely, which will allow you to move forwards, backwards, forward, back, and diagonally - wherever you need!

Beauty and quality

The Thermi Ergoslide doesn’t just look beautiful - the material it’s made with is second to none. This was a big point in my design, and I looked at lots of materials before finding the perfect one. Wood wasn’t an option, as it could stain and warp. Real stone I could cross off, as it shatters when dropped. Finally, the perfect material presented itself: natural acrylic stone. It is produced by only one company, and is used in high-quality environments like commercial kitchens and airport interiors.

Natural acrylic stone is made from 75% natural minerals and pigments, and it’s very environmentally friendly as the company that manufactures it is predominately waste-free. It’s 100% pore free and totally anti-bacterial, which was important to me as I was producing a kitchen accessory. I love this material and its durability so much, and I give all my customers a 15 year warranty!

Final thoughts

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Thermi Ergoslide has totally transformed the way I use my machine. It’s no longer difficult or cumbersome to move around, and I have so much more counter space for preparing and for storage. My Thermomix is a hugely important part of my life, and I knew that I wanted a slider that not only matched its quality, but accentuated it.

I am so proud of the product I’ve created in the Thermi Ergoslide, and I just know that it’s going to totally change the way you look at and use your Thermomix.

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