Top Tips & Gadgets for a new Thermomix owner

Top Tips & Gadgets for a new Thermomix owner

So your friend or loved one has finally entered the exciting (and delicious!) world of Thermomix - how exciting! To celebrate I’ve put together this gift guide of gadgets that are must-haves for every Thermomix owner, and will ensure that the recipient will really be using their machine to its fullest potential.

As a Thermomix owner and product designer, it’s important to me that my products are ones that I, personally, use and love. These gadgets are all things I wish I’d had back when I started my Thermomix journey, so now I’m sharing them with you to give you and your family and friends the best experience with your new machine.

Something to protect their new Thermomix

The scales on the underside of your Thermomix are so very delicate, and dragging your Thermomix across your workbench can wreak havoc on them. They become jumpy and inconsistent, leading your cooking to not turn out as it should. It’s very hard to pick up your Thermomix to move it, as it’s heavy!

My #1 solution to Thermomix protection is a slider like the Thermi Ergoslide, which allows you to move and slide your Thermomix around your countertops with ease. Your Thermomix is a gorgeous appliance, so why settle for sub-par accessories? To compliment your machine, you want something beautiful but durable, safe and high quality, because you also want it to look good while it’s protecting your precious machine!

Somewhere to store your delicious food

Picture this: you have made the most amazing meal, and have it ready to take to a friend’s for a dinner party. You reach your destination and go to serve up your delicious food and… it’s totally cold. Utterly disappointing, right?

Whether you want to keep your hot food hot or your cold food cold, well, insulated Thermi Servebowls might be your solution. They’re made of premium quality stainless steel, and are double walled to provide fantastic insulation. They couldn’t be easier to use, and I use mine all the time. They’re fantastic for transporting your beautiful food due to their airtight lids, because who wants food spilling everywhere?

The insulation in these bowls can last for hours, but I do have another trick for you! If you really want to push for ultimate performance, the Thermi Servebowls are oven safe up to 220°C and freezer safe, so you can pre-heat or pre-cool your bowls to really make the most of them.

 Something to clean your Thermomix with

No one will deny that cleaning up is certainly not the funnest part about cooking, and when it comes to cleaning your Thermomix, there are so many little nooks and crannies that need to be cleaned, that it can be very tricky to reach them with normal dishwashing items.

This Thermomix cleaning bundle includes two Thermomix cleaning brushes, which are fantastic for a quick scrub and wash. The bristles are designed to get in under the Thermomix blade and into the corners of the bowl, to get out any sneaky leftover bits of food that might be hiding there.

The bundle also includes two blade cleaning brushes, which are my secret weapon when it comes to bread dough, as well as two Euroscrubbies. Euroscrubbies are the ultimate weapon against burnt-on food, and they’re made from 100% cotton, so they’re not only safe for your Thermomix, but they’re safe for the environment, too.

A cookbook with great recipes and handy hints

In an ideal world, all recipe books would also contain shopping lists, meal plans and techniques for getting the perfect end result! After all, how frustrating is getting halfway through a recipe, realising you don’t understand part of it, then needed to stop and Google how to do it? I certainly don’t have the time or patience to do that!

Cookbooks like Practice Mix Perfect are the ideal recipe books for a new Thermomix owner, because they come full of recipes, tips, tricks and inspiration to really kick-start the Thermomix journey. That way they can cook incredible food and learn more about their new machine along the way!

Something to get you steaming

I really think that the Varoma is the most under-appreciated part of the Thermomix, which is such a shame because it’s so versatile! If a new Thermomix owner doesn’t become inspired to use the Varoma straight away, there’s every chance they simply won’t pick it up again.

To really introduce someone to the world of steaming with their Varoma, the Varoma bundle is a great gift idea as it contains a range of accessories to really kick-start their Varoma experience. This way they’ll feel excited to use their Varoma, and if you’re lucky, you might be asked to taste test!


Somewhere you can learn and be inspired

Wouldn’t it be great to cook in the comfort of your own kitchen, while you’re taught fantastic recipes, tips, tricks and hacks to skyrocket your Thermomix game to the next level? Online courses make this possible and are an amazing resource, especially for the new Thermomix owner.

This Varoma course, for example, contains 20+ video lessons as well as a course book and lifetime access. These things are important as you don’t want these courses to feel like you’re back at school - they’re meant to be fun! The best courses are those that allow you to work at your own pace, and leave you with the resources and knowledge to keep the spark going.

So there you have it - the ultimate gift guide for anyone starting out with a new Thermomix. I remember first getting my Thermomix - I never realised it would change my life quite like it has! There is so much to learn and look forward to in getting a new Thermomix, and I hope these products inspire you or your loved ones in that journey.


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